Manocha’s Journey With New MERCEDES Motorhome | Best Motorhome US
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Manocha’s Journey With New MERCEDES Motorhome | Best Motorhome US

Manocha decided to buy a brand new Mercedes Motorhome, even though it cost a lot of money, about 2 crore Indian Rupees. He thought it was worth the cost. But he didn’t feel fully happy until he showed it to his mother. She lived a few hours away from him. He bought the Motorhome from the USA to avoid paying taxes. He was very excited as soon as he got inside the car. The next morning, he mentioned that he stayed at the Delta Hotel. He bought the Motorhome from a state where there are no sales taxes, specifically from Montana. He registered himself as an LLC there, which he explains a little about.

Then, he went on a drive to Canada to show his new car to his mom. He crossed a bridge called the Ambassador Bridge, which connects the USA to Canada. At the border, they were questioned and interviewed for an entire hour, and their whole vehicle was checked. By the time it got dark, he arrived at his brother’s house. He finally got to show his mom the car.

The Motorhome he got is a Mercedes brand. It’s a type of RV that runs on diesel fuel. He bought it brand new. The cool thing is that it has all sorts of things like Air Conditioning, a TV, a Refrigerator, and lights that work using a special kind of battery called a Lithium Battery.

The Motorhome comes equipped with convenient features like an automatic entrance door step and LED porch light with an interior switch. You’ll find various sleeping arrangements including a Murphy+ bed with a deluxe queen mattress, corner bed with foam mattress and storage access, and a Flex Bed System with twin beds or a king bed. The sleeping comfort is enhanced by the FROLI® deluxe sleeping system and MCD blackout roller shades. Other amenities include a wardrobe cabinet, 15,000 BTU air conditioner with heat pump, 20,000 BTU low-profile ducted furnace, and a battery disconnect system. The RV also features a 3,600-watt Cummins Onan® MicroQuiet™ LP generator and the option for (2) 100-watt solar panels with a battery charger. Additional equipment includes Lithium Ion Smart Batteries and a 3,200-watt Cummins Onan® Diesel generator.

Over time, he faced a couple of problems with the Motorhome. The first issue was a small leakage in the bathroom. Water would leak onto the floor, and he had to clean it up often to avoid bad smells. Another problem he had was with the Lithium Ion battery. Sometimes it would discharge, and he had to recharge it or restart it to make it work again at the end it is long lasting battery system which can really support you while travelling long distance as it provide good backup which is enough to run many appliances. Further, there were some issues with the Motorhome that the company should pay attention to and fix as it was under warranty.

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